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Update ABP for Firefox dependency to version 2.7.3

Reported by: diegocarloslima Assignee: diegocarloslima
Priority: P2 Milestone: Adblock-Browser-for-Android-1.2.0
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Blocking: #3389, #4190 Platform: Adblock Browser for Android
Ready: yes Confidential: no
Tester: Scheer Verified working: yes
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A new version of Adblock Plus for Firefox (version 2.7.3) has been released. In order to stay up to date, we want to update the Adblock Plus dependency in Adblock Browser for Android.

The list of changes for Adblock Plus for Firefox 2.7.3 can be found here.

What to change

Update the Adblock Plus for Firefox dependency to point to the version 2.7.3


Since we're shifting from version 2.69 to 2.73, lots of changes/fixes were introduced. We need to make sure that these don't introduce additional bugs.

Changes in 2.7.2
Changes in 2.7.1
Changes in 2.7
Changes in 2.6.13
Changes in 2.6.12
Changes in 2.6.11
Changes in 2.6.10

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Issue 4278 - Update ABP for Firefox dependency to version 2.7.3

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  • 2.6.10:

#284 Unify initial delay for all downloads - No Issue
#344 Issue reporter doesn't show any report data - Not relevant for ABB
#701 firefox' issue reporter openes report URL instead of showing context menu when right-clicking - Not relevant for ABB
#1602 Use ES6 generators instead of legacy generators - No Issue
#1730 abp:subscribe functionality broken in latest Nightly with e10s - Please see #5341
#2192 Add notification opt-out mechanism - No Issue
#2193 Add notification opt-out to Firefox - No Issue
#2211 Intercept clicks on links to on Firefox - No Issue.
#2232 Get rid of conditional catch clauses - No Issue.
#2233 Adapt array type annotations for JsDoc 3 - Not relevant for ABB
#2251 Update buildtools dependency to 335c8a7ab8e8 - Not relevant for ABB
#2255 IO.writeToFile() doesn't support ES6 generators - No Issue.
#2257 Replace non-standard function expressions with ES6 arrow functions - Not relevant for ABB
#2260 Icon doesn't change when disabling ABP - Not relevant for ABB
#2264 Remove deprecated logic from Utils.runAsync() on Firefox - No Issue.
#2367 [Move notification display logic to Core] Use a notification show listener in Firefox - No Issue.
#2390 Create a new filter class for CSS property filters - No Issue.
#2419 Show newly downloaded notifications immediately - No Issue.
#2420 [Move notification display logic to Core] Make it possible to register a notification show listener - No Issue
#2438 Update buildtools dependency to revision 97e2e12af6e8 - Not relevant for ABB
#2439 Make suppress_first_run_page preconfigurable - Not relevant for ABB
#2503 Inconsistent behavior: $document flag implied for exception rules with protocol included - No Issue.
#2510 Support Adblock Browser in Adblock Plus for Firefox - No Issue.
#2582 ElemHide.getSelectorsForDomain() cannot be optimized by V8 - No Issue.
#2592 Regression: URL-specific notifications are broken - No Issue.
#2609 Update buildtools dependency to revision bdd544d595f2 - Not relevant for ABB
#2659 Reduce initial notification download delay to one minute - No Issue.
#2738 Make RegExpFilter.matches() take a bit mask rather than string for type - No Issue.
#2757 Notification data are reset when pages load during extension intitilization - No Issue.
#2808 Update dependency on adblockplusui repository to revision 3a06b955c3f7 - No Issue.

  • 2.6.11:

#2832 Findbar slightly broken in Firefox 42 - Not relevant for ABB.
#3072 "TypeError: calling a builtin Map constructor without new is forbidden" in SeaMonkey - Not relevant for ABB.
#3086 Update adblockplusui dependency to 4a68f2a456d6 - No Issue.
#3060 Notification popup should be closed explicitly - Not relevant for ABB.

  • 2.6.12

#647 Add $genericblock filter option that can be used to disable all generic request blocking filters for a website - No Issue.
#2580 Attempt to perform 2nd search for filter in ABP for Firefox doesn't select the previous one - No Issue.
#3129 Rules cannot be edited if "Search for text when I start typing" is enabled - Not relevant for ABB.
#3144 Can't use / (forward slash) when composing filter - No Issue.
#3253 Adblock Warning List opt in message should not be triggered by frames (Firefox) - No Issue.
#3254 Anti-adblock warning should not show when Adblock Plus is disabled - No Issue.
#3263 "Advanced view" button in filter assistant broken in Firefox nightlies - Not relevant for ABB.
#3325 Update buildtools dependency to revision a61155d8764a - No Issue.
#3326 Update adblockplusui repository dependency to revision f05c5331d8b9 - Not relevant for ABB.
#3327 Set minVersion correctly when exporting $generichide or $genericblock filters - No Issue.

  • 2.6.13

#3347 Adblock Plus UI broken after bug 1182546 landing - No Issue.

  • 2.7

#3108 Firefox Nightly elements no longer works - No Issue.
#3276 Don't use let blocks in Issue Reporter - Not relevant for ABB.
#3370 ABP ==> disabling filters (blockable items list) broken - No Issue.
#443 Popups aren't blocked anymore when blocking the URL it redirects to - No Issue.
#3208 Inject our nsIContentPolicy implementation into all processes - No Issue.
#3222 Unbreak blockable items list - No Issue.
#3223 Unbreak context menu - No Issue.
#3224 Unbreak filter assistant - No Issue.
#3228 Unbreak object tabs - No Issue.
#3251 Save data from element hiding hits again - No Issue.
#3274 Unbreak toolbar icon tooltip - No Issue.
#3278 Unbreak Issue Reporter - Not relevant for ABB.
#3290 Adblock Plus child modules don't always start up - No Issue.
#2809 Issue reporter is broken in E10S mode - Not relevant for ABB.
#3258 Fix Size column and item flashing - No Issue.
#3357 Get rid of chrome://adblockplus/content/errors.html - Not relevant for ABB.
#1545 Blocked items slowing page loading - No Issue.

  • 2.7.1

#3458 e10s changes broke popup blocking - No Issues.
#3461 the issue reporter is broken - Not relevant for ABB.
#3464 "subscriptionUpdateDataSource is undefined" error in Issue Reporter - Not relevant for ABB.
#3473 patterns.ini is being saved on every filter hit after a while - No Issue.
#3491 Image preview in blockable items tooltip no longer works - Not relevant for ABB.
#3503 Screenshot marker in Issue Reporter is no longer red - Not relevant for ABB.
#3504 Screenshot color reduction step of the Issue Reporter is very slow - Not relevant for ABB.
#3449 Use sendRpcMessage instead of sendSyncMessage - No Issue.
#3465 Don't access content document when opening new tab - No Issue.
#3486 Don't access content window in issue reporter - Not relevant for ABB.
#3375 Issue reporter doesn't create a screenshot in E10S mode - Not relevant for ABB.
#3407 Warning "unsafe CPOW usage" spammed to console when list of blockable items is open - No Issue.
#3447 Update buildtools dependency for Adblock Plus to revision b02d0532e33c - No Issue.
#3448 "TypeError: this.treeElement is null" error when closing Filter Preferences - No Issue.
#3452 Bring back $ping type option - Not relevant for ABB.
#3459 <img srcset>, <picture> and fetch() are recognized as other - No Issue.
#3494 Update buildtools dependency for adblockplus to revision 4d73b9c76e34 - No Issue.
#3502 Don't use expression closures in Issue Reporter - Not relevant for ABB.
#3505 Issue reporter calls String.replace() with deprecated flags parameter - No Issue.
#3259 Store blockable item selection in the content process - Not relevant for ABB.
#3380 synchronizer unit tests are broken - Not relevant for ABB.
#3451 Previously disabled filter is re-added as disabled when whitelisting a site - No Issue.
#3478 Hide genericblock and generichide types in the composer - Not relevant for ABB.

  • 2.7.2

#3489 Firefox "restore last session" buttons missing - No Issue.
#3538 Filter listener tests fail for CSS property rules - Not relevant to ABB.
#3541 Size of DOM Inspector dialogs is wrong first time they are opened - Not relevant to ABB.
#2595 [Move core logic into adblockpluscore repository] Add adblockpluscore dependency to adblockplus - Not relevant to ABB.
#3568 "window.location is null" error prevents blocking pop-ups - No Issue.
#1950 Tooltip not displayed for very long filters - Not relevant to ABB.
#3661 Update buildtools dependency to revision 9f83ac702260 - Not relevant to ABB.

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