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Yes, looks like you're right, remind me to completely ignore Safari's error messages in the future...

I've put a change under review to whitelist the domain for that example, but the same problem could still be present for other adverts. Mario / Ross / Scott - could you guys do some further testing for me and see if you can find any other similarly broken ads? (Please paste the link's address for any that you find, rather than explaining how you performed the search.)


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    4747=== Notes === 
    48 - Safari 9.1 considers the URL invalid both before and after the recent #3050 hotfix to the blocking rules. 
    49 - Safari 9.1 does not consider the URL invalid when no content blocking extension is installed. 
    50 - Safari 9.1 does not consider the URL invalid when a content blocking extension with other rules is installed. 
    51 - This appears to be a Safari bug related to the content blocking API. 
    52 - While the bug can be triggered with a content blocker file with only one rule, the problem is not resolved by removing that rule from `easylist+exceptionrules_content_blocker.json`. (In other words the problem can be triggered by multiple rules in our file. I haven't found a pattern yet however.) 
    53 - I have filed bug 27656882 with 
     48The URL redirects to `$$|U&cid=psmh565SKgG_dc|U$$` which is then blocked by the content blocking rule. Safari unhelpfully displays the wrong error message, stating that the URL can't be parsed! 
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