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11/30/2016 04:24:17 PM (4 years ago)

(Sorry I should have created a separate issue for the dependency update. It's kind of messy having a platform milestone set to a buildtools issue.)

Adding you as Cc Robert+Ross+Scott as a heads up, this one needs a lot of testing. I've been personally running with the change for the last week or so without problems but it could have caused subtle regressions pretty much anywhere...


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    44=== What to change === 
    57Remove JSHydra dependency from buildtools. `packagerChrome.convertJS()` should stay but merely as a way to combine modules into a single file. We don't need an external tool for that, this can be done from Python. While at it, we can choose a format that will only execute modules when they are required for the first time, along these lines (inspired by webpack): 
    36 Our Safari branch should then add a direct dependency on JSHydra and monkey-patch `packagerChrome.convertJS` in order to transpile the code (probably best to do that after the merging code has executed and remove merging functionality from JSHydra). 
     40- Update the buildtools dependency in adblockpluschrome to `d8b095c772cb` which will also include two unrelated changes. 
     41- Adjust `require` implementation in lib/compat.js. 
     42- Ensure everything works. 
     44=== Hints for testers === 
     45As far as possible test all Adblock Plus functionality in an old (41) and modern (>=54) version of Chrome. Bugs could have appeared basically anywhere since this is a fairly large change which could have changed any of the code subtlety at build time. 
     47Ensure that everything works correctly. (Make sure to check that filter + preference saving and loading works correctly since we made a small change there.)