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    1 Engine is stopped again and stuff like that and actually wreck recommend you try it out I'm you will be pleased I'm pretty sure make sure so soft and actually really surprising how well it works so I definitely recommend you try one if you've been interested in line I’m just going by one so I find out if all these affiliate that are good for your hair so what you up take and that reflects your skin your hair and other stuff like that style the first food on eggs and [ Beaudify] egg has a lot of iron at which is really good on if you have Anya and stuff like that which is pretty much like the cause of hair loss especially for women so and Eli eggs and yeah I'll make sure you like really follow and give it that I am NOT your body access to food our stamina and walnuts and he is both have this like I was invited members these said wait a minute this fatty acid and it’s called I'm a girl omega-3 fatty acid and what this does is it gives year Shattuck your hair Castro percent of it is made up omega-3 fatty acids and taking in all this Sam and walnuts really gives you that like stuff that you need for your hair to be healthy another thing is blueberries and I know lot of.