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01/08/2018 12:48:33 PM (2 years ago)

Replying to kzar:

Well unless I'm mistaken both adblockplusie and adblockplus are deprecated now, so we'd just be removing the duplication between adblockpluschrome and libadblockplus. (Also since those links are using the master bookmark the line numbers are wrong now.) Would you mind updating the description?

The links are updated but the links for FF and IE are left because of the following reasons. In FF the implementation significantly differs from the implementation in other projects and it's not clear what should be chosen. The status of IE is not finally deprecated, so it still can happen that Oleksandr decides to update libadblockplus in IE at some point.

I have also added @wspee into CC in order to firstly synchronize the desired behaviour with new options page, @wspee could you please tell what subscriptions, when and how should be added?


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    22We have several implementations in different places of one functionality which does the same thing - it adds default subscriptions, in particular, including acceptable ads, on the first run. 
    4 Chrome: 
    5 Libadblockplus: 
    66Internet Explorer: 
    88=== What to change === 
     9- align with new options page and check that there is no such logic in adblockplusui repository 
    910- add a unified implementation into adblockpluscore 
    1011- make changes in the mentioned above projects