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03/31/2017 09:13:50 AM (3 years ago)

I've opened #5080 for the changes required to reduce the /* globals ... */ comments. Originally I was going to reuse this one but I realised that was probably a mistake.

Phill / Ross / Robert / Scott - Heads up testing this, #5061 and #5023 will require a whole bunch of work. I recommend combining testing of those three and starting soon as possible. There is a high likelihood of regressions with all these changes, we don't want to miss them or find them just before the next release.


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    11=== Background === 
    2 With #3692 we're adding a base ESLint configuration to the buildtools repository. Once that is finished we want to start using the configuration for the Chrome extension. 
     2We've created an [ ESLint] configuration for the company [ eslint-config-eyeo] (see #3692). Now we need to make changes to `adblockpluschrome` to use ESLint and that configuration. 
    44=== What to change === 
    5 - Update the buildtools dependency to include the ESLint configuration from #3692. 
    6 - Add a ESLint configuration to adblockpluschrome which inherits from it: 
     5- Add a ESLint configuration to adblockpluschrome which inherits from `eslint-config-eyeo`: 
    10   "extends": "./buildtools/.eslintrc.json", 
     9  "extends": "eslint-config-eyeo", 
    1110  "root": true, 
    1211  ... 
    1716- Make the necessary changes to the adblockpluschrome code so that linting passes. 
    1817- Add a note to the README explaining how to lint the code. (`eslint *.js lib/ qunit/ ext/ chrome/`) 
     19=== Hints for testers === 
     20Unfortunately these changes were pretty comprehensive and will require very thorough testing of pretty much all code paths. Please take some time to test this on Chrome 49, a recent version such as 57 and Opera. I recommend testing this along side #5061 (and perhaps #5023) since that also contained large sweeping changes. Really anything and everything you can think of needs to be tested here. 
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