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    1 Idealized if this is true this is very profound and it's something that I want to study so to replicate it you know we designed our own experiment and used very aggressive form of cancer and found that you know hyperbaric oxygen which is something I was studying from a narrow toxicity point-of-view actually had beneficial effects on an model of metastatic cancer [ cleanse fit 1800] when it was combined with a cute and diet so you get like a one-two punch basically the key to kiang tie it will matter Barkley compromise the I the viability of the cancer cells by cancer cell doesn't have any metabolic flexibility that is right yet the more the more aggressive cancer cell is but the more glycol tic it is which means you know the more you know it might have some slow-growing cancers prostate cancer for example doesn't really show up very hot on upon a PET scan which looks  
    2 sugar metabolism but you look at it like a glioblastomawhich is a rapidly very aggressive brain tumor and it lights up very bright on aped scan so the more aggressive the tumor and the more depending it is on glucose and if you not only do you have to eliminate glucose but if you just restrict the levels of glucose you can actually kill the tumor tissues although we can't you know lowered the glucose in our bodies to.