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    11=== Background === 
    2 We are missing some parts of benefits and wanted to change style  
     2We want to highlight the perks we offer our employees (and potential employees).  
    44=== What to change === 
    5 Change list of benefits on using the details below: 
     5Three things need to be changed: 
     71. Change list of perks on using the details below: 
    810What we offer... 
    10 * Work on a product millions of people love. 
    11 * Almost everything we do is open source; anyone can contribute. 
    12 * Choose the hardware and software you need to be successful in your role. 
    13 * We don't believe in micromanaging. We hire people we believe in, and we expect them to take ownership of their job. 
    14 * Work from where you're most comfortable — remotely or from one of our offices in Cologne or Berlin. We can help you relocate to Germany, or pay for a co-working space. 
    15 * Live in Cologne or Berlin? We cover the cost of your job ticket. 
    16 * We proudly support parental leave and participate in the coverage of childcare costs. If you work from the Cologne office, your child is always welcome in our play room, designed especially for kids. 
    17 * Interested in an upcoming conference? We pay for (relevant) conference visits because we believe you should never stop learning. 
    18 * Looking to further your education? We cover a percentage of your (relevant) education costs per year.  
    19 * We throw company parties twice a year (once in summer and once around Christmas). We love a good party and the chance to mingle with our colleagues from around the world! 
    20 * Work alongside intelligent, easy-going people. We love discussing and learning about all kinds of things — we need you to make our discussions even more interesting! 
     12- Work where you like  — choose to work remotely (we’ll pay for a co-working space) or from one of our offices in Cologne or Berlin (relocation assistance provided).  
     13- Have your local travel costs covered by us if you live in Cologne or Berlin. 
     14- Have relevant conference visits paid for by us. 
     15- Further your knowledge. We’ll pay for a percentage of your (relevant) education costs. 
     16- Receive monthly coverage towards childcare costs. 
     17- Attend our company parties in Cologne (once in summer and once around Christmas). If you work remotely, your flights and hotel are covered. 
     18- Choose your own hardware and software. 
     19- Absolutely no micromanaging. We hired you, we believe in you. 
     222. Change the "Employee benefits" tab to: 
     25Employee perks 
     283. Change intro paragraph from: 
     31Join us in changing the Internet! 
     33We are 79 people who manage the business and development ends of an open source product that is used on 100 million devices. And we’re looking to change a billion-dollar industry. Like them odds? Then maybe we should change that number to 80 … 
     35eyeo is an equal opportunity employer, and encourages people of all genders, ethnicities, origins, orientations, etc., to apply. 
     41# Join us in changing the Internet! 
     42## *Work on products that millions of people love.* 
     44We are 79 people who create open source software that puts users in control over their online browsing experience. Our products, such as Adblock Plus, Adblock Browser and Flattr Plus, help sustain and grow a fair, open web, because they give users control while providing user-friendly monetization. Our most popular product, Adblock Plus, is currently used on over 100 million devices. 
     46eyeo is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. We strongly support diversity in the workplace and encourage candidates of all races, colors, ancestries, religions, sexes, national origins, sexual orientations, ages, citizenships, marital statuses, disabilities, gender identities or Veteran statuses to apply.