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    • Property Summary changed from Update adblockpluscore dependency to 68a4dc4e79e8, including ESLint changes to Update adblockpluscore dependency to 3bdddf0e8343
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     16I've also been asked to update the dependency past the ESLint changes, to include the most recent ones. 
     18Full list of changes imported (irrelevant ones struck-through): 
     201. ~~[ Issue 4838 - Use nodeunit framework for integration tests running in browser]~~ 
     212. ~~[ Issue 4956 - Fix test_runner.js]~~ 
     223. ~~[ Issue 4962 - Fix the tests.]~~ 
     234. [ Issue 4878 - Start using ESLint for adblockpluscore] 
     245. ~~[ Noissue - Updated copyright year]~~ 
     256. [ Issue 5037 - Look for "[-abp-properties=" to recognize the CSS filter] 
     267. ~~[ Issue 4919 - Make getBackupFiles in lib/filterStorage.js asynchronous]~~ 
     28- The first three are related to the unit/browser tests in adblockpluscore and are irrelevant to adblockpluschrome. 
     29- The fourth is the ESLint changes themselves. 
     30- The fifth change is only to the copyright headers in all files and shouldn't change how adblockpluschrome behaves at all. 
     31- The sixth change is a small alteration to how CSS property filters are parsed. 
     32- The final change is to the `getBackupFiles` FilterStorage function which is only used by the Firefox extension, not adblockpluschrome. 
    1634=== What to change === 
    17 - Update the `adblockpluscore` dependency in `adblockpluschrome` to [ 68a4dc4e79e8]. That will also include three other commits, but they are unrelated changes to the unit/browser tests there. 
     35- Update the `adblockpluscore` dependency in `adblockpluschrome` to [ 3bdddf0e8343]. Included changes: 
    1836- Update the Cu.import stub in lib/compat.js. 
     38=== Hints for testers === 
     39- Test CSS property filters still work properly. 
     40- The ESLint changes will need a thorough test of pretty much all code paths, on both a new and old version of Chrome. I recommend testing that at the same time as the changes for #4864.