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    66=== What to change === 
    7 - Update the buildtools dependency to `hg:7e896c368056 git:960ff2e`. 
     7- Update the buildtools dependency to `hg:7e896c368056 git:960ff2e` (no other changes will be included). 
    88- Replace the `[convert_js]` section of our metadata files with `[bundles]`. Remove `autoload`, `module` and `injectinfomodule` options. Ensure only the modules which need to be autoloaded are listed, the others will be resolved by webpack automatically. 
    99- Bundle the relevant content scripts, exporting the globals used by the other content sctipts and replacing global comments with proper require statements. (Also require the things exported by `lib/elemHideEmulation.js` see #5079.) 
     11=== Hints for testers === 
     12This is a pretty major behind the scenes change, with hopefully only the following noticeable differences: 
     141. The Sources pane of the developer tools for the extension's background page should have a `webpack://` section which lists all the source code files as they were pre-bundling. 
     152. If you attempt to use the `require` function in the Console pane of the background page's developer tools it will no longer work. 
     17It's hard to say what needs to be tested, in theory anything could have broken. I think at least all major functionality needs to be briefly tested for all supported browsers, ideally both a new and old supported version of each.