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changing America and how we — at Initial Version

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Came about because he suffered from so many seemingly incurable problems cell I specialize in structural back which is are more than just moving one vote item looking at the whole segment mine positioning which I an amazing out difference in the fact that has affects your autonomic nervous system so it's not just about pain is pain or about 6 percent on the nerves ninety-four percent in ours actually run function so when you're doing the diabacor structural changes Roy backing functional body cell that's one differ aspect but the other half my practice I treat neuropathic needed illness which is North hurting disease is something that people really probably aren't familiar with the name but they're familiar with the symptoms %ah things like fibromyalgia chronic fatigue depression I insomnia anxiety hormone imbalance these corner ataxic conditions on in there really they've released this they’re spreading this is an epidemic try changing America and how we
looking hell what happens when someone comes in here for first the point what's the process should I get typically it really depends on whether you know coming to me for some people come to me with a neck pain and then we're taking x-rays and we ‘redoing up things that figure out you know okay what's going on because them probably or maybe a structural problem I'm but a venire a toxic station comes in handy with say you know I can't sleep I have insomnia or i you.

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