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05/02/2017 01:29:19 PM (3 years ago)

The landed patch allows to work on #5180 in parallel, so the issue is not blocking #5180 now.


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    55The issue is pretty comprehensive 
    66- rename it\\This method is applicable only for subscriptions download, so it should not be called in a so generic manner. 
    7 - remove it from `JsEngine` and from `WebRequestThread`\\Since it's only about subscriptions, it has no relation to JS engine, it should be on the level of `FilterEngine`, while initializing of `FilterEngine` we should inject a corresponding callback into JS global object and call it from JS, later it will be called by ''adblockpluscore'' #5066. 
     7- remove it from implementation of `XMLHttpRequest` in `compat.js`\\However it will be possible only after implementing it in ''adblockpluscore'' as #5066. 
    88- make it asynchronous\\In order to avoid blocking of execution of JS code (see above, it's called from JS and not from a worker thread) the asynchronicity should be either implemented in FilterEngine or supported by a provider of the callback, in the latter case the callback should be async. It seems so far, in order to simplify the life of users of libadblockplus it would be better to have it in FilterEngine.\\Until asynchronous executor is not ready one may just run it a detached thread.