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    1212=== Expected behaviour === 
    1313When ad blocking is enabled, and acceptable ads are disabled, I expect none of these ads to display. If acceptable ads are enabled, the small in-line ads would be acceptable, but I believe the other ads still fall outside of the AA standards, and should not be displayed in any case.  
     15=== Hint for testers === 
     16This issue was most likely introduced while switching from the UIWebView website rendering component to WKWebView with the release of 1.5.2. UIWebView is still used for displaying websites, however, background scripts were changed from using UIWebView to WKWebView (due to stability reasons). 
     17It appears, now, ad blocking just stops working instead of the whole application crashing as before. Switching back to UIWebView was no option, as the app would just crash instead of shutting down ad blocking. This very issue (ad blocking not working) was mitigated by monitoring the thread ABP runs in and restarting it immediately after it shuts down. 
     18Thus, as soon as memory pressure gets too high for WKWebView to handle, it is restarted.