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12/22/2017 02:46:37 PM (2 years ago)

@julian Should the sync script now just pull new upstream locales into the project directory without any additional steps from you (ie creating directories etc)?

@kzar I am not sure if the sync script should be changed or if the list_locales function in should be changed here, I suppose if Julian does'nt want to manually add new directories then it would be an new feature to the sync script, what do you think?


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    11=== Background === 
    2 Currently the way locales are synced is by instantiating a mercurial source object and then listing the local locales (read directories in locales dir from the tip of the repo) and syncing those locale translations from crowdin. 
     2Currently, the script behaves as though the local repository is the master copy which means that if there are new locales on the crowdin project which have not been added to the repository then the new locale is not synced. Mercurial does not recognize empty directories either so a file must also be placed there. 
    4 The current flow for syncing new translations involves creating a new locale directory in <root>/locales and committing it to the repository. Mercurial also does not recognize empty folders, so there must be a file committed to the repository. Which is not very straightforward (not documented either) and seems to add unnecessary overhead for developers. 
    65=== What to change === 
    7 Change the CMS translations sync script to create new locale directories based on what is in the crowdin project rather than which locale directories have been committed to the website repo. 
     6Change the CMS translations sync script to unpack new upstream locale directory and translation files