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09/22/2017 08:27:09 PM (3 years ago)

Note that sitescripts still imports packagerGecko in order to extract metadata for development builds of legacy Gecko extensions. While the development builds of Adblock Plus have been switched to WebExtensions, we still have following legacy extensions:

  • Element Hiding Helper
  • Customizations for Adblock Plus
  • Diagnostics for Adblock Plus
  • URL Fixer

Those will stop working with Firefox >=57 as well, and we won't update them anymore either. So we can just remove their development builds, along with the related code in sitescripts. This, however, needs to happen before support for legacy Gecko extension is removed from buildtools.

@trev: Can you remove those extensions from the sitescripts.ini on the server?

@tlucas: Can you file a separate issue and remove the related code from sitescripts, first?


  • Ticket #5751

    • Property Summary changed from Remove gecko features from the buildtools to Remove the "gecko" build target from buildtools
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    11=== Background === 
    2 With the switch to web extension for firefox, the legacy gecko extensions will no longer be needed / supported. 
    3 As discussed in IRC: 
    5 {{{ 
    6 12:33 PM <tlucas> greiner, kzar, snoack: ^ we are already publishing gecko-webext on AMO (and no legacy builds anymore) - from what i understood, there are no plans to publish more gecko-only-versions (please correct me if i'm wrong) 
    7 12:33 PM <kzar> palant: ↑ 
    8 12:33 PM <greiner> kzar: tlucas: ok, nothing against that, just wasn't aware of this decision 
    9 12:34 PM <kzar> greiner: Well I only heard it second hand myself, so good to get confirmation about it, but yea apparently that's the plan 
    10 12:35 PM <~palant> kzar: greiner: tlucas: if anything, we'll only publish an emergency release on AMO before switching to web extensions. an emergency release doesn't need to update adblockplusui dependency. 
    11 }}} 
     2Starting with Firefox 57, legacy Gecko extensions are no longer supported. Therefore future versions of Adblock Plus will be WebExtensions, the development build has already been switched over to the `gecko-webext` build. If necessary we can still release emergency updates for the legacy Gecko extension, after support has been removed from `buildtools`, as we wouldn't update the dependency anyway in this case. 
    134=== What to change === 
    145Remove the buildtools' features for legacy gecko extensions: 
    15  * remove `` 
    16  * remove the 'gecko' types and target from `` 
    17  * remove support for gecko-style translations from `` (Move still used translation to .json translation files) 
    18  * remove the folder `lib` 
    19  * remove `install.rdf.tmpl` and `bootstrap.js.tmpl` from `templates` 
    20  * remove the `gecko` target from `` 
     6 * Remove `` 
     7 * Remove the `gecko` types and target from `` 
     8 * Remove support for gecko-style translations from `` (Move still used translation to .json translation files) 
     9 * Remove the folder `lib` 
     10 * Remove `install.rdf.tmpl` and `bootstrap.js.tmpl` from `templates` 
     11 * Remove the `gecko` target from ``