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09/22/2017 09:55:01 PM (3 years ago)

Note that sitescripts imports packagerSafari and xarfile in order to extract metadata for the development builds. While we can keep using an old version of buildtools for building the Safari extension, sitescripts must remain compatible with the latest buildtools.

While in low maintenance mode, (unlike for legacy Gecko extensions, see ticket:5751#comment:4) we occasionally still have to release updates of Adblock Plus for Safari until we eventually discontinued/replaced it. Therefore I'm afraid we cannot abandon the development builds yet.

Still there are good reasons to already remove the Safari packager from buildtools. So I suggest to just move the related logic into sitescripts, for the time being.


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    11=== Background === 
    2 We decided to no longer support the safari extension in buildtools. 
     2The `safari` branch in `adblockpluschrome` is no longer actively maintained. Given the significant differences to other browsers extension implementations, including major limitations, and the comparable low numbers of Adblock Plus for Safari users on macOS, it is no longer worth it. 
     4We might still release infrequent minor updates of Adblock Plus for Safari, but there would be no need to update the `buildtools` dependency for these releases. The long-term plan is to eventually port Adblock Plus for iOS, to macOS, which will then replace the traditional browser extension for Safari. 
     6Moreover, since jsHydra integration has been removed (#4552), newer versions of `buildtools` can no longer build Adblock Plus for Safari, anymore, anyway. 
    48=== What to change === 
    59Remove the buildtools' features for safari extensions: 
    6  * remove ``, `` 
    7  * remove the 'safari' types and targets from `` 
    8  * remove `safariInfo.js.tmpl` and `Info.plist.tmpl` from `templates` 
    9  * remove the `safari` target from `` 
     10 * Remove ``, `` 
     11 * Remove the `safari` types and targets from `` 
     12 * Remove `safariInfo.js.tmpl` and `Info.plist.tmpl` from `templates` 
     13 * Remove the `safari` target from ``