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    1 The issues are and perhaps maybe it can help validate some other issues that they want to address as a community agency or organization we hope that the data can be somewhat over rattle rallying cry so to speak in the community on to address some of the concerns that have been identified we were going to say should use the data to know help them get grants so that they can then for other develop programs and initiatives to address some other health concerns weekly will do that with the health department the Partners in Health coalition has on look at this information and they have priorities that they want to continue to try to address and we hope that others in the community will do the same thing on as you know ca going after Grant’s requires adequately they want to know what the community’s help years and if you can quantify that and characterize it through an assessment it that hopefully will make that grant proposal more competitive thank you very much tennis the entire community health assessment report is available online at www .co got Stanley got in C .us I appreciate you joining us today for this discussion [ rosacea skin care] on a current Community Health Assessment Report remember public health works for you thank you okay so tonight we're talking about risk assessment and I thanks for showing up because this isonomy most important lecture up the entire term and now via times have exam questions I about material that I'm covering tonight so I yeah extra bonus points I wouldn't go that far I'm so tonight we're talking about time risk assessment and you know that I think as sort of an introduction it's interesting to talk about what is risk on and risk assessment is something that sorta goes beyond just environmental health risk assessment is applied also to different types I love I things that we consider within society that could cause resin we might want there's some proactive planning and consideration I'm what is the rescue and coming quantifier and how to react given that there's some risk on to us and so risk could be health rest mattress could be other things financial rests and other sorts of things on so I'm going to be talking about I what environmental health people typically think.