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    1 In the past few years bodybuilders have come to realize how important it is to drink sufficient amounts of water one daily basis water continuously voices can help us to maintain our internal temperature water lubricate arguing muscles are about 75 percent water blood is close to 90 percent water without sufficient a cup water you become dehydrated your body begins to retain water to protect itself much of this water is stored subcutaneously which smoothes out muscular definition dramatically retain water becomes contaminated because your kidneys can filter out contaminants properly when you're dehydrated deliver is then called upon to help process these waste products which interferes with one of its main functions breaking down body fat so without sufficient water in your body you’re liable to end up waterlogged bloated and obese which is disastrous for a bodybuilder working for maximum definition this also leads to problems with sodium when you're dehydrated sodium can't be adequately pushing the body causing further water retention and any additional sodium ingested in your diet simply aggravates the problem for anyone involved in intense exercise the need for [ Nitro Focus NO3] water is at least be 12-ounce classes per day some bodybuilders break even more than this and water in solution doesn't count you need pure water. not just soft drinks coffee tea or income other stuff to do the reason why I your drinking water but to do my work yes you know I’m that’s what I like London trip but urged he might replenish the body keep the most also uses UAL like anywhere from a gallon don't have water day the body knows that it's getting water just omelet go we don't get the water is going to hold onto but ready up three gallons a day access to the last time the restaurant by water is that pacifier with trying to suppress your appetite it's a very good cleanser keep your skin clean and also on the train twice a day in laying in the sign in son 10 beds losing a light-water muscle needs water and system needs water to regulate teacher thread 0 the provoke her lot about nutritional supplements what exactly our nutritional supplements and more importantly what can we do for you in your program scientists today have developed a faster rate nutritional supplements ranging from anything chewable vitaminsmulti mineral formulas all the way formulas amino acids protein powders.