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    initial v5  
    77=== How to reproduce === 
    88 1. Select [ABP Icon] > [Options]. 
    9  2. Select [Advanced] > [Create your own filter list]. 
    10  3. Attempt to add a filter. 
     10Try any of the following: 
     11 - Refreshing the page. 
     12 - Ticking one of the checkboxes. 
     13 - Whitelisting a domain. 
     14 - Adding a custom filter. 
     15 - etc. 
    1217=== Observed behaviour === 
    13 The filter is not saved and the [Create your own filter list] button is displayed again. 
     18- After pressing refresh the options page completely breaks. 
     19- When adjusting most settings nothing appears to happen, but when the options page is next loaded the settings will show as updated. 
     20- When adjusting the "Privacy & Security" settings they are not even updated the next time the options page is loaded. 
    1522=== Expected behaviour === 
    16 Filters to save successfully. 
     23Refreshing the options page doesn't break it. Settings are shown as updated straight after the user changes them. The "Privacy & Security" options can be updated. 
     25=== Notes === 
     26When the options page is refreshed the following message is logged: 
     29TypeError: this.cloneScope is null[Learn More] ExtensionUtils.jsm:387:1 
     32When a setting is changed it appears that sending the response message back to the options page fails: 
     35Error: Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist. 
     38When loading the options page it complains: 
     41value.indexOf is not a function desktop-options.js:1338