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Get Glow And Healthy Your Skin — at Initial Version

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We're just going to go ahead landsite this of your heart saw are saw are saw or I am sometimes that possible stroke it and they may note able to differentiate between hard and soft and disturbing in this also gets harder to differentiate as you move further away from I'm from their head so such as the lettuce and feta me I'm not be able to accurately tell you that are soft as well so that you're going tube doing it that for with a harrowing be testing at the this reflexes at a greater rate Alice that is how I any Chinese and for this portion will be using the hair heart at the a hammer seventy using just ahead and we'll besetting the break your et al teller any Kelly's so you just go ahead churns out for me like this you and just reading it shell out thiamine they aren't you have a contraction just slight contraction anyone to make sure that you just hitting it worth the wait at your issue not really and really hitting your patient hard any antenna reflexes okay source independent estates and he should have a reflex okay do you enjoy our of like this and Colon Rejuvenator we're just going to hit back charkha PL and with this I should have jerking reflex I'm at B&M at the AAC and the next you're going to be testing for Indiana for the let our teller asked me and we're going to be testing right here and just right below the hotel I'm rise program every likes it find anything slightly years actually just then me this okay and we’re going to be testing that on both sides the zany and lastly we're going to see attesting for delta Healy’s and they think they're weekend moving tithe left indications for like this and then restricted back and any and we should be getting a reflex is that as well and are going to be testing Anna an examination you want to test nasal both loll this the DA both plus Heller reflex sight and both sherry's hills as well and so yeah include an examination for today at different adjustments will be made depending on H and sex as well and I wouldn't know that Sanchez fortunate examination and every day and female we want you I'm focus more on our chest area is and questioned I'm question different area at the press as far as masses and lesions adhesions and moms.

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