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    22The problem I see with `$generic` is that it would also more-or-less kill EasyPrivacy and other non-ads-lists on websites where basically only generic element hiding rules have to be disabled. 
    33Many cases where we have to add `$elemhide` rules due to Anti-Adblock measurements, we only need a few blocking whitelists, and often enough those blocking whitelists are for resources of which the server is blocked (e.g., rules starting with `||`, which according to the discussion-in-which-I-do-not-participate in #647 would be non-generic). It's very rare to find Anti-Anti-Tracking or Anti-Anti-Social measurements on websites though, so there is no need to whitelist them altogether. 
     6>The only place where this would become problematic is the Acceptable Ads list, it would have to use specific exceptions for some rules ('''not sure how many''') if we changed `$elemhide` behavior. 
     7Just to sketch the impact: according to my redundancy checker there are ~125 specific hiding rules (in EL+ELD) being made redundant by `$elemhide` rules in the Acceptable Ads list, which means ~125 `#@#` rules have to be added to the AA list (+ ones that are triggered by specific rules in other regional lists) if this method is chosen. (Furthermore, off topic, it would allow using custom hiding rules on those AA domains, which is currently impossible).