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     1=== Background === 
    12Based on this ABP forum topic : 
    3 Lain wrote: 
    4   It's often needed on sites with adblock detection to be able to disable generic hiding rules since such sites often using them to detect presence of adblock or break functionality for adblock users. It's possible to disable them completely using 'elemhide' but this blocks usage of site-specific hiding rules and breaks ability to hide content in third-party frames. 
     4Note that issue #647 is different to this one in that it's about disabling generic blocking filters. 
    6   So, I'd like to see something like `||^$generichide` which will disable only filters which is not assigned to any specific domain. 
    8 famlam wrote, about the current effect of $elemhide: 
    9   Unlike $document, which is used to whitelist whole sites (mostly by users, hardly by list authors) and therefore should also affect it's subframes, the purposes of $elemhide I could find in filter lists are to work around adblock detection scripts and to fix sites of ad related sites. However, such anti-adblock scripts are rarely active in the (third-party) subframes on those same pages. So if we could limit the effects of disabling all hiding rules to only first-party sub- and top frames, that would be a win. 
     6=== What to change === 
     7- Introduce the `$generichide` filter option. 
     8- It should act similarly to the existing `$elemhide` option but limited to generic element hiding rules only. That means that generic element hiding filters should not be applied to the page specified within that exception filter. 
     9- Generic filters are those which are not limited to apply only on specified domains. Filters like `` should therefore also be treated as generic.