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    • Property Summary changed from Disable generic hiding rules only + lessen the effect of $elemhide to Add $generichide filter option that can be used to disable all generic filters for a website
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    11=== Background === 
    2 Based on this ABP forum topic : 
     2We need a way to disable all generic hiding rules for a given site. At the moment we can only disable each generic filter individually which is time consuming and verbose! 
    4 Note that issue #647 is different to this one in that it's about disabling generic blocking filters. 
     4 - [ See this ABP forum topic for more background]. 
     5 - Also see ticket #647 which is very similar and interrelated but for generic blocking rules instead of generic hiding ones. 
    68=== What to change === 
    7 - Introduce the `$generichide` filter option. 
    8 - It should act similarly to the existing `$elemhide` option but limited to generic element hiding rules only. That means that generic element hiding filters should not be applied to the page specified within that exception filter. 
    9 - Generic filters are those which are not limited to apply only on specified domains. Filters like `` should therefore also be treated as generic. 
     9Add the new `$generichide` filter option to the lib/filter... code in the adblockplus repository. 
     11It should act similarly to the existing `$elemhide` option but instead of matching all element hiding rules it should only match the generic ones. 
     13Generic filter rules count as rules that: 
     14 - Do not have a domain / sitekey specified. "Hide this element on all domains" 
     15 - Have only domain / sitekey exceptions specified. "Hide this element on all domains except" 
     17Example generic filters: 
     18 - ``