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02/23/2018 03:04:38 PM (2 years ago)

The testing instructions were not really good enough, I've looked through the diff of all these changes and had a go at improving them. Please could you check for anything I've missed, and also add details how they can test that the updates page is being triggered at the correct times (and what the correct times are)? Then I can mark this as Ready and continue with the review.


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    1414=== Hints for testers === 
    15 == New options page for Chrome == 
    16 New options page on Chrome should work and look same as in Firefox, the only difference should be: 
    17 * DNT link that is [ different across the browsers] 
    18 * The support link that links to the [ different resources]. 
     15This update includes two major changes. Firstly the new options page is enabled for the Chrome extension and secondly the new updates page is included (but only enabled for the Chrome extension). There are also a bunch of smaller changes. 
    20 == Update page == 
    21 See related [ spec merge request]. 
    23 == Other == 
    24 * Please see "Changes since last `adblockplusui` dependency update" for more details. 
     17 - Test that the new options page is enabled for the Chrome extension and all functionality is working correctly. It should function the same as on Firefox, except [ the DNT link] and [ the support link]. 
     18 - Test the updates page (#5943) works correctly (open the options page and changes "options.html" in the URL to "updates.html". (See related [ spec merge request].) 
     19 - Test the updates page is launched at the correct times (#6008) - FIXME how can they test this and what behaviour exactly is expected? 
     20 - Test the updates page is not launched on other platforms such as Firefox. 
     21 - Test the desktop options page works the same as before on Firefox, things to test include adding, toggling, updating & removing subscriptions, changing language settings on the General tab, changing preferences e.g. the ones on the Advanced tab, adding and removing custom filters, the acceptable ads tracking warning (#6031) and whitelisting domains. 
     22 - Test the desktop options page works properly for right-to-left languages e.g. Arabic. 
     23 - Test that the issue reporter works the same as before.