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02/23/2018 05:03:06 PM (2 years ago)

Replying to kzar:

Thanks for that. Could you guys could add some information about how to test the updates page is triggered correctly? Otherwise I'm happy with the issue now (phew)!

Done. However, I'm not sure whether we could easily test whether the updates page behaves correctly as soon as we increment its version in the future since this is the first time we release it.

I also added a quick note that we should verify that the mobile options page works because it has also been indirectly affected.


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  • Ticket #6403 – Description

    v18 v22  
    1717 - Test that the new options page(Desktop) is enabled for the Chrome and Edge extensions. Test that all functionality is working correctly. It should function the same as on Firefox, except [ the DNT link] and [ the support link]. 
    1818 - Test the updates page (#5943) works correctly (open the options page and changes "options.html" in the URL to "updates.html". (See related [ spec merge request].) 
    19  - Test the updates page is launched at the correct times (#6008) - FIXME how can they test this and what behaviour exactly is expected? 
     19 - Test the updates page is launched at the correct times (#6008) 
     20   - Test that the first-run page is shown once after installing the extension, but not the updates page. 
     21   - Chrome-only: Test that the updates page is shown once after updating the extension from an earlier version, but not the first-run page. 
    2022 - Test the updates page is not launched on other platforms such as Firefox. 
    2123 - Test the desktop options page works the same as before on Firefox, things to test include adding, toggling, updating & removing subscriptions, changing language settings on the General tab, changing preferences e.g. the ones on the Advanced tab, adding and removing custom filters, the acceptable ads tracking warning (#6031) and whitelisting domains. 
    2224 - Test the desktop options page works properly for right-to-left languages e.g. Arabic. 
    2325 - Test that the issue reporter works the same as before. 
     26 - Test that the mobile options page works the same as before.