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Update buildtools dependency to revision hg:7ee9ad9b9390

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Ticket Summary Component
#6383 Overwrite ID and updateURL for Adblock Plus for Firefox when creating a non-release build Automation
#6037 Allow popup icons without popup Automation
#6021 Refactor to use modern argparse Automation
#6020 Unnecessary code being included in webpack bundles Automation
#5997 Unit test files are included in the release build Automation
#5996 Let release automation create Firefox builds Automation
#5994 Release automation produces wrong commit Message Automation
#5939 Crowdin downloads suffixed translations to the wrong folder Automation
#5916 Locale strings are broken in adblockpluschrome when building from Windows Automation
#5915 adblockpluschrome won't build under Windows Automation
#5913 doesn't install Node.js dependencies on Windows Automation
#5895 Let npm not try to resolve optional dependencies Automation
#5877 First run page is missing some text Automation
#5857 does not resolve Node.js dependencies if a previous installation failed Automation
#5856 Remove the package-lock.json file from buildtools Automation
#5845 Rename "gecko-webext" build target to "gecko" Automation
#5844 [flake8-eyeo] Detect (more) redundant parentheses Automation
#5815 Upload to Crowdin with non-ASCII characters in source translation fails Automation
#5777 Upload to Crowdin is not working (presumably due to API change) Automation
#5763 Target languages supported by Firefox Automation
#5752 Remove the "safari" build target from buildtools Automation
#5751 Remove the "gecko" build target from buildtools Automation
#5736 Release automation aborts without reason Automation
#5668 Version number in AppxMainfest.xml must include build number Automation
#5666 Version number in AppxMainfest.xml must end with ".0" Automation
#5660 [webextensions] First run page not opened in Firefox 50 Automation
#5649 AppxMainfest.xml includes truncated version umber Automation
#5577 let allow non-numerical build numbers for gecko-webext Automation
#5560 Specify the jsdoc dependency, instead of expecting it to be installed globally Automation
#5559 Have install (production) Node.js dependencies when updating a dependency Unknown
#5535 Begin using webpack for script bundling in the Chrome packager Automation
#5477 Buildtool doesn't import localization string placeholders on build Automation
#5448 Add content_security_policy to the manifest.json for Chrome-extensions Automation
#5383 Add tests for the Chrome and Firefox packagers Automation
#5113 Add support to buildtools/ for json files in top level directory Automation
#5085 Separate "info" module for Microsoft Edge from chromeInfo.js.tmpl Automation
#5060 Move module code from adblockpluschrome/lib/compat.js into the modules template Automation
#5049 Allow embedded WebExtensions in gecko packager Automation
#5028 Use the browser extension API via the "browser" (instead of "chrome") namespace Platform
#5012 Support "minimum_opera_version" in Chrome/Opera packager Automation
#4906 change cloning in ensure_dependecies Automation
#4882 Rename flake8-abp to flake8-eyeo Sitescripts
#4865 Make sure Identity.Name attribute is different for development builds for Edge Platform
#4836 Buildtools uses an old URL for checking allowed Crowdin locales Automation
#4720 Edge packager does not support devenv Automation
#4719 Edge packager does not generate an info module Automation
#4700 Allow specifying devbuilds update URL in manifest.json for WebExtensions builds Automation
#4670 Add a new build type for Gecko-based WebExtensions Automation
#4610 Safari development builds are failing Automation
#4584 ensure_dependencies: Ignore dependencies in Mercurial unconditionally Automation
#4578 Make uap3:AppExtension.Id configurable for Microsoft Edge builds Automation
#4575 [buildtools] Packager Edge tests fail due to OTF content type Automation
#4569 dependencies are not ignored when using git due to Automation
#4552 Drop dependency on JSHydra Automation
#4548 Adapt release automation for Safari and Edge Automation
#4544 Consider platformHTMLBindings.xml when detecting available keyboard shortcuts Automation
#4468 Update Js Hydra dependency for hex string fix Automation
#4459 xarfile should not expect Crypto.Signature module to be present Automation
#4382 Use new syntax to catch Python exceptions Sitescripts
#4375 Update dependency from buildtools on jshydra for Python 3 support Automation
#4355 Chrome/Opera/Safari release automation fails if the local copy of the downloads repository is outdated Automation
#4354 Release automation commits and pushes local changes Automation
#4353 Update Js Shell version, replace non-standard "for each" syntax Automation
#4342 tox fails due to incompatibility of flake8-putty with flake8 3.0 Sitescripts
#4340 Drop dependency on external xar tool Automation
#4339 Replace M2Crypto by PyCrypto Automation
#4336 Drop support for signing Firefox builds Automation
#4192 Build fails when using git repository Automation
#4099 Don't enforce Gecko build IDs to be numerical Automation
#4097 Make JSHydra use SpiderMonkey location from an environment variable if available Automation
#4096 qunit/index.html is being included in Chrome builds Automation
#4088 JSHydra-generated module scopes shouldn't be called immediately Automation
#4059 Adapt the manifest for Edge Unknown
#4047 Improve [convert_js] metadata section syntax in adblockpluschrome build scripts Automation
#4028 Add support for Edge extensions to buildtools Automation
#3967 Create directories for mapped files if they don't already exist Automation

7ee9ad9b9390Noissue - Prepare for absolute paths in flake8-per-file-ignores 0.5Sebastian Noack
8ed981af2b75Noissue - Drop support for Firefox 50Manish Jethani
79688f4a4affNoissue - Make comparable_xml safe against ambiguous tagsTristan Lucas
4d26be1c438eNoissue - Use sets in were appropriateTristan Lucas
5c275f316334Noissue - Removed superfluos per-file-ignore for A103, fixing an X100Sebastian Noack
2ee884010cf5Noissue - Fixed order of entries in package-lock.jsonSebastian Noack
293593da6033Noissue - Added flake8-docstringsSebastian Noack
94770c909a2dNoissue - Replace flake8-putty with flake8-per-file-ignores, update to flake8 3Sebastian Noack
64e5f6c97e81Noissue - Remove some dead codeWladimir Palant
e2a22ff89969Noissue - Fixed new flake8 errorsSebastian Noack
251daeabfd82Noissue - Add Jinja2 requirement to READMEDave Barker
22d7d801a0b9Noissue - Add READMEDave Barker
e120a0d93303Noissue - Adapt quotes for compliance with our coding styleSebastian Noack
0a21b061b2fbNoissue - Got rid of non-defualt script encodingsSebastian Noack
cf27cafe5595Noissue - Added flake8/tox configurationSebastian Noack

What to change

Beside dependencies and pay attention to the content of, it might should be changed in accordance with new features of buildtools, and ensure that all scripts like, e.g. are still working.

Change History (3)

comment:1 Changed 3 years ago by kzar

Please add some more information to the issue description:

  • a short sentence to introduce why we want to update the buildtools dependency of adblockpluscore
  • specific things in the README that need to be changed
  • a Integration notes section if relevant e.g. will I have to change something in adblockpluschrome when I later update the adblockpluscore dependency to include this buildtools dependency update?

Also I wonder why there are two tables of revisions in the description is that a mistake? Also it would be useful to mention adblockpluscore in the subject, since it's not immediately obvious which repository we're talking about so far.

comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by kzar

  • Cc tlucas added

comment:3 Changed 13 months ago by sebastian

  • Keywords closed-in-favor-of-gitlab added
  • Resolution set to rejected
  • Status changed from new to closed

Sorry, but we switched to GitLab. If this issue is still relevant, please file it again in the new issue tracker.

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