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    11=== Background === 
    2 In #6651, we will introduce CI for `adblockpluschrome` with gitlab-ci. In order to complete the chain, we need to enable the `buildtools` to upload the packed extensions to their respective 3rd party stores. 
     2In #6651, we introduced CI for `adblockpluschrome` with gitlab-ci. This enables us to implement a first approach for CD for Adblock Plus, which is also part of [[|Priority Experiment #3]] 
    44=== What to change === 
    5  * Move the logic from `abpssembly`, responsible for uploading packed extensions to AMO, CWS and the Windows Store to the buildtools 
    6  * Since we decided to **not** store any sensitive credentials on and to host the runners in our own (provisioned) infrastructure ([ details]), let the moved logic read any necessary credentials from a `/etc/credentials.ini` (or `~/credentials.ini` in a development environment) 
    7  * Expose the logic as a new command `upload`, parametrized with `-t {gecko|chrome|edge}` to the `` 
     5 * Implement a target `build` for `adblockpluschrome`'s `npm`scripts, which generates a **signed** development build for `Adblock Plus for Firefox` 
     6 * Implement a target `deploy` for `adblockpluschrome`'s `npm`scripts, which copies a signed development build to a location, where our download servers can sync it from, in order to make it available for our users