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05/30/2018 12:15:17 PM (2 years ago)

The issue is pretty rough so far, I wasn't sure of all the details, but it seems like the idea has potential. If we could save 4 or 5 meg or memory for our users it would be great.

For reference my test was to add the following to the Filter constructor in lib/filterClasses.js:

window.setTimeout(() =>
  if (
    for (let domain of
      if (domain)
        let count = (window.domainCount[domain] || 0) + 1;
        window.domainCount[domain] = count;
}, 0);

this to the top of lib/filterClasses.js:

window.domainCount = {};

and then once the extension had finished loading I ran this in the background console:

let saving = 0
for (let domain in domainCount)
   let count = domainCount[domain] -1;
   saving += count * domain.length;

I saw 4865138 characters with EasyList + AA, which I assume are 1 byte each.


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    1313 - I've done a rough test and it seems that with AA and EasyList we might be able to save a bit under 5 megabytes. It would likely be less in practice, since that doesn't take into account the extra data structures etc that we'd need. 
    1414 - We might be able to save more if we're handle subdomains more cleverly, for example we might be able to avoid storing both "" and "". 
     15 - For this idea to help we also need to be careful to avoid holding on to any references to the complete filter text.