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    v4 v22  
    1 Also see ticket #121. 
     1=== Background === 
     2We are created a Help Center for all support information. See [ 1.x Wiki] 
    3 1. 
    4   a. Missing installation instructions for Safari. 
    5   b. Missing installation instructions for Internet Explorer. 
     4The Getting Started page on will no longer be needed as the content will be moved there. 
    7 2. 
    8   a. Remove all references to Fanboy's List. It was merged into EasyList a long time ago. 
    10 3. 
    11   a. The Firefox button pictured in the screenshot was removed in Firefox 29 (current version is Firefox 30). The new ≡ Menu Button is available in both Windows and Linux, and presumably Mac OS X as well. However, I suggest showing a screenshot of the Adblock Plus toolbar button instead, since it's a lot easier to access the Adblock Plus Filter Preferences window that way. 
    12   b. Directions for Chrome and Opera are similarly needlessly convoluted. It's simplest to click the Adblock Plus toolbar icon and choose Options. 
    13   c. Missing directions for Safari. 
    14   d. Missing directions for Internet Explorer. 
    16 4. 
    17   a. Directions are for Firefox and similar browsers like Seamonkey. Missing directions for every other browser. 
    19 5. 
    20   a. Another mention of the Firefox button that was removed in Firefox 29. 
    21   b. Missing directions for Safari. 
    22   c. Missing directions for Internet Explorer. 
    24 6. 
    25   a. The issue reporter is only for Firefox and similar browsers like Seamonkey. This should be made clear. For every other browser, I suggest pointing to the Filters forum. 
    27 7. 
    28   a. Given that the Known Issues pages seem to have been deleted, I strongly recommend adding a "What if Adblock Plus doesn't block anything at all?" section. It could just be a link to the relevant section of [ the troubleshooting FAQ] so as not to duplicate what's already written elsewhere. 
     6=== What to change === 
     7Remove the Getting Started page from