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    3131 * Remove the `filters` parameter to the `addSelectors` method of `ElementHidingTracer`. 
    3232 * Remove the `selectorGroupSize` and `inline` properties of `ContentFiltering`. 
     34=== Hints for testers === 
     35This change touches every part of the code that involves style sheets: element hiding, element hiding emulation, and element ''collapsing''. 
     37* For '''element hiding''', make sure that the feature works correctly, on two classes of platforms: platforms that support user style sheets, which is '''Firefox 53+''' and '''Chrome 66+''' (see #5090), and platforms that do not support user style sheets, which is '''older versions of Firefox and Chrome''' and '''all versions of Edge'''. In the case of platforms that do not support user style sheets, #242 will still be an issue, and this is expected; but on platforms that ''do'' support user style sheets, test #242 again to make sure the feature is still being used. 
     39* For '''element hiding emulation''', make sure that it is still working correctly in general (all of `:-abp-properties()`, `:-abp-has()`, and `:-abp-contains()`) and that there are no errors/exceptions in the console. 
     41* For '''element collapsing''', make sure the behavior that was tested for in #5899 and #6645 is still working. 
     43* When the''' DevTools panel''' is open, filter hits for element hiding and element hiding emulation filters should be displayed correctly. 
     45* Test element hiding in ''combination'' with element collapsing (#5899 and #6645) to make sure that one style sheet does not overwrite the other. In other words, when an element is collapsed, it should not cause an element hidden by an element hiding filter to reappear. 
     47* When a new filter is added via the '''Block element''' tool, it should cause the target element to be hidden, without causing other elements that were previously hidden to be redisplayed. As described in #6967, however, removing the filter will still keep the target element hidden, and this is the expected behavior. 
     49All tests should be done on platforms both with and without user style sheets support, including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. 
     51Keep an eye out for any errors/exceptions in both the background page console and the console attached to the tab in which the test page is loaded.