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    1 === Environment === 
    2 Replace this text with the Version of your operating system, your exact browser version, the used Adblock Plus version and the enabled Filter lists. 
     1=== Background === 
    4 === How to reproduce === 
    5  1. Step one of your reproduction process (e.g: Go to  
    6  2. Step two of your reproduction process (e.g: Click the big red button labelled "click me" at the left) 
    7  3. Step three of your reproduction process 
    8  4. Step four of your reproduction process 
    9 ... 
     3We have made a few changes to Adblock Plus recently to optimize the performance and memory usage of the product. Most of these changes are based on insights from filter list data, the performance characteristics of the most common platforms (currently [ V8]), and the default settings in the Adblock Plus browser extension. 
    11 === Observed behaviour === 
    12 Replace this text with your detailed observations. 
     5Our primary goal is to optimize for '''platforms with limited resources'''. As a bonus, these optimizations also benefit desktop users on [ Chrome] (primarily), [ Firefox], and [ Edge]. 
    14 === Expected behaviour === 
    15 Replace this text with your detailed expectations. 
     7Most of these optimizations are based on '''conscious tradeoffs''' with best and worst cases. 
     9The '''rationale''' behind each change may be found in the individual tickets listed in the table below. 
     11=== The list of changes === 
     14=== Additional notes === 
     15This is a meta ticket and should be updated as things evolve.