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    6262The function has been optimized for whitelist-only types like `$genericblock` so for these types it should be called directly instead of being called on the internal `whitelist` property, which does not cache the result (and is going to be made private in #6940). 
     64=== Hints for testers === 
     65Test that blocking and whitelisting still works. For example, if there a filter `/foo^$script`, it should block any requests to `` (assuming it's being requested as a script); if there an additional filter `@@||^$script` then the same request should be whitelisted and this should appear in the DevTools panel. 
     67Note that there is a change in behavior now so that if there is no blocking filter for a URL then no whitelist filters will match. For example, given ''only'' the filter `@@||^$script` (no other filters), requests to `` will not be blocked ''and'' the whitelist filter will ''not'' appear in the DevTools panel (because it did not prevent any blocking). You may have to update some tests to reflect this new behavior. Also note that this does not apply to filters containing one of `$document`, `$elemhide`, `$generichide`, and `$genericblock`; these filters are looked up first, before any blocking filters are looked up, so if they cause an entire document to be whitelisted in some way, they ''will'' appear in the DevTools panel even if there are no matching blocking filters. For example, if only the filter `@@||^$document` exists in the filter list, a request to the URL `` will cause this filter to appear in the DevTools panel. Please test this.