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11/23/2018 02:28:43 PM (20 months ago)

I artificially created an infinite loop in the frame structure and saw symptoms in line with what you have all reported. (That doesn't prove anything, but is a good sign at least.)

I have suspicions about the code that's to blame, and a potential fix/workaround. Any chance someone here could test an experimental build for me, to see if the problem goes away?

If you'd like to test it for me, here are the steps:

  1. Download the attachment I'm about to upload.
  2. Extract it somewhere.
  3. Open the Chrome extensions page chrome://extensions/.
  4. Ensure that all copies of Adblock Plus are disabled / removed.
  5. Click the "Developer mode" toggle on the top right of the page.
  6. Click "Load unpacked"
  7. Select the directory where you extracted the .zip file.
  8. Test to see if the "Waiting for Extension Adblock Plus..." message is still a problem.


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    1616=== Notes === 
    1717- It seems that `checkWhitelisted` is getting stuck in an infinite loop, with the frame having the parentFrame of itself. 
     18- I suspect this is related to [ my c8ab89541a9c change] for #6808, in combination with a Chromium bug. I have not been able to verify that however, since I so far have been unable to reproduce the problem. 
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