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01/17/2019 10:01:01 PM (17 months ago)

Well, then please can you update the issue description to mention that, and any other relevant details?

Absolutely sorry, I see now it is very sparse.

We ​have that already. However, currently sitescripts is calling docs. This issue is about doing that through an npm script instead, and eventually running it from GitLab CI.

I think he means it would be nice to also have for the next branch which I agree (unless I am mistaken and that can be found somewhere)

The ​change already pushed to adblockpluschrome doesn't seem to work. I get an error about a missing jsdoc.conf file. Your review for the similar adblockpluscore change adds that file, did you forget to stage it here?

Yikes, my bad that was a big mistake. Also, thinking about this makes me think I should have it output to ./buildtools/docs until that is all worked out.


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    1 We should generate docs via `jsdocs` npm script instead of using python command which opens a subprocess to run jsdocs in node. 
     1As part of the effort to reduce the dependency on buildtools it would be useful to convert the docs to be generated via npm by configuring `package.json` accordingly resulting in a user level change from `./ docs docs` to `npm run docs`. 
    3 This will also reduce the dependency of these repos on the buildtools repo. 
     3=== Changes === 
    5 Basically convert the `./ docs docs` to `npm run docs`. 
     5add a script called "docs" to package.json and the jsdoc dependency. 
     7=== Note === 
     8Doing this would be most simple if we have the output of jsdoc go into "docs" in the root directory of the repository.