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02/13/2019 05:23:57 PM (18 months ago)

Are you OK to triage this Tristan? (I'm happy with the proposed plan, I already discussed it with Ross in IRC.)


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    initial v2  
    11=== Background === 
    2 Various stakeholders want offical test pages for testing functionality in various products (including partner products). These tests pages are mostly ready.  
     2We would like to add `$sitekey` testcases to These test cases won't work when using a local copy of the test pages, since an additional web server to generate the sitekey headers is required. 
    4 However adding these test pages now would break the automation set up for adblockpluschrome as it is run locally and some of these test pages require interaction with other domains or our sitescripts. 
    6 We should add a method to flag test pages or cases to be ignored by the automation when not run against the online/offical testpages url. 
    8 This will allow us to both put the pages up and not break the automation at the same time. 
     4We're going to add an `online-only` class to the `testcase-container` divs which we only expect to work online. Let's skip those test cases unless we're using the default URL. 
    106=== What to change === 
    11 Add logic to `adblockpluschrome/test/wrappers/pages.js` that skips attempting the current test when the `testcase-container` is flaged by the class `online-only`. 
     7Add logic to `adblockpluschrome/test/wrappers/pages.js` that skips any test case wit hthe `online-only` class, unless the `TEST_PAGES_URL` variable is the default "".