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03/14/2019 07:36:59 PM (12 months ago)

I updated the ticket description to reflect what has been agreed on so far but also added a third state to reflect whether the filter list is disabled to detect whether the filter list is in an invalid state.

Along those lines, we could also add further states, if there's any piece of information related to this filter list we're interested in, without increasing the size of the uninstall URL.


  • List is installed and enabled but it has always failed to download so far
  • Acceptable Ads without third-party tracking list is installed, enabled, etc.

Presumably, however, the three states should be sufficient for now.

@erezson Do you agree with this assessment? If so, can you confirm that the Acceptable Ads without third-party tracking list should not be considered when determining whether a user has opted-in/out of Acceptable Ads? Otherwise we'll need to agree on how to represent that information without making it too hard to understand (i.e. intransparent) for users.

e.g. Representing AA being installed and enabled and AA3p being installed but disabled:

  • In binary: aa=e (i.e. 1110 in hexadecimal)
  • In decimal: aa=12


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  • Ticket #7302 – Description

    initial v6  
    44=== What to change === 
    5 Add the AA information to the uninstall process/page 
     5Add "aa" query string parameter to uninstall URL that represents the following information: 
     6- Is Acceptable Ads filter list installed? 
     7- Is Acceptable Ads filter list enabled? 
     10- `0`: not installed 
     11- `1`: installed and enabled 
     12- `2`: installed but disabled