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Use request object for filter matching

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Description (last modified by mjethani)


Currently the matcher does the following:

  1. Lower-cases the request URL for each keyword
  2. Checks if a request is third-party for each request

There's no need to lower-case the URL for each keyword, it can be lower-cased once and the lower case version cached.

For ~15% of the requests on the Alexa Top 50 (home pages only), I found that there was no need to check if the request was third-party.

All of this can be solved by using a single request object in the matcher and simply passing it around.

I find that this approach, if done correctly, can further speed up filter matching for request blocking filters by ~10% on popular sites.

What to change

See patch.

Integration notes

The signature of the matches() public method of the RegExpFilter class has now changed:

-  matches(location, typeMask, docDomain, thirdParty, sitekey)
+  matches(request, typeMask, sitekey)

The first argument request should be of type URLRequest, which is exported from lib/url.js.

For example, the following call:

filter.matches("", RegExpFilter.typeMap.IMAGE,
               "", false, null)

It should now look like this:

filter.matches(URLRequest.from("", ""),
               RegExpFilter.typeMap.IMAGE, null)

The JSDoc for the URLRequest class incorrectly marks it as @package. Please ignore this, it is public, but there may be further changes to it.

After #7260 adblockpluschrome should no longer be calling the isThirdParty() function. For any other clients calling this function, the interface has changed: now the first argument should be the hostname of the request (type string) rather than the request URL (type URL|URLInfo).

Hints for testers

This basically covers all kinds of requests, but in particular where a filter is case-insensitive and the URL's case does not match, and where a filter targets third-party requests and the request is not third-party (or vice versa), those are good areas to focus on.

For example, add the filters -foo- and -bar-; then the URLs and should be blocked by the second filter. If the second filter is changed to -bar-$match-case, then only the first URL should be blocked.

Similarly, if the second filter is changed to -bar-$third-party, then the URL should be blocked if the request is made from a document loaded from http://localhost:8080/test.html but not if the document is loaded from It should be the opposite if the filter is changed to -bar-$~third-party.

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Done. Working as described.

Microsoft Edge 44.17763.1.0 / Windows 10 1809

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