Milestone Adblock-Plus-1.8-for-Chrome-Opera-Safari

Completed (05/06/2014 02:00:00 PM)


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Unused icon sizes being packaged for Chrome/Safari builds
Add high-DPI versions of Chrome/Safari icons
[meta] Safari port
Make sure extension name is present in all locales
Chrome development environment doesn't need to poll a port to recognize changes
wrong icons parameter value in manifest.json for chrome
Don't make our icons web accessible
Port anti-adblock notification to Chrome, Opera and Safari
Deal with missing frame URL gracefully
Make sure webRequest listener never throws exceptions
Implement API changes from #117, #153, #192 in Chrome and libadblockplus
chrome, ABP dev build 1131 ==> all settings are lost
no video in opera for
Replacing "ChinaList" with "EasyList China" in Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE and Android
[chrome] Even with no filters, breaks styling of multiple disabled style sheets
[chrome] "Block element" functionality broken in build
Race condition preventing initialization on first run
Adblock Plus isn't compatible with Chrome 19 anymore
Filter classes unit tests fail in Chrome
Speed up options page with many user filters on Safari
[Chrome 35*] element hiding breaks with error in event handler
[Safari] Status of 'Show number in icon' check box is not getting updated until we again click 'ABP' icon from 'Tool Bar'
chrome: settings lost if browser crashes
toggling "Enabled/Disabled on this site" function sometimes leads to two "Block element" context menu entries
Safari bubble ui - translated text overlaps dropdown icon
YouTube in-video annotations are blocked on Safari
Specify update URL for Safari releases

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