Milestone Adblock-Plus-1.8.12-for-Chrome-Opera-Safari

Completed (03/10/2015 06:40:04 PM)


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element blocking is previewed even if filter URL is removed completely
"Block element" creates filter for whitelisted elements
Move filter generation into the background page utilizing URL utils available there
Wrong logo being displayed in Options and Block Element dialog
Bubble popup shouldn't be reusing the logo from the first-run page
Icon vertically misaligned on the Options page
Update adblockplusui dependency to revision d1335219a5ac
Trailing "?" is ignored when matching URLs
Make ext.webRequest use ABP instead Chrome request types
Configure indistinguishable request types in the abstraction layer
Get rid of non-standard __defineGetter__, __defineSetter__, and __lookupGetter__
Can't send messages from popup to background page
"Block element" dialog should only suggest element hiding filters if there are no blocking filters
Opera doesn't switch to options tab
Remove duplicated code from clickHide_deactivate
"Block element" is available from the popup even if adblocking is disabled on the current page
Popup doesn't know pages loaded before extension was loaded on Safari
Placeholders show up in dynamically created frames
Update adblockplusui dependency to revision 457cd7815a8a
Update buildtools dependency to 9df7fcece9d2
Update adblockplusui dependency to revision 75a50600e10a
'Block element' is not issuing Add filters dialog box.

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