Milestone Adblock-Plus-1.8.8-for-Chrome-Opera-Safari

Completed (12/02/2014 06:14:06 PM)


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Element hiding breaks if user adds a custom filter with invalid CSS selector
block element doesn't work for elements that don't have a "src", "id" or "class" attribute
"Block Element" generates request blocking filters for non-HTTP URLs
Don't wrap filter in "Block element" dialog on Chrome/Opera/Safari
ABP stops element selection after cancel button was clicked in the 'Add Filer(s)?' popup
Options page isn't opened correctly when using incognito window
ABP 1.8.5, chrome 38 (64-bit), postload.js error
Cache translation catalogs on Safari
Error when moving "Block element" dialog
Always call parseInt() with a radix as second argument
Use classList attribute when generating element hiding filters
Generated CSS selectors aren't always correctly escaped
"Block element" generates blocking instead elemhide filters when the selector contains curly brackets
Blocked frames aren't collapsed on Safari
Some Flash videos broken again with Chrome 40
Error in global page when bringing up contextmenu for blocked frame on Safari
"Block element" does not work when page cancels click event
"Block element" injects overlays for hidden elements
"Block element" injects overlays with wrong z-index
"Block element" throws errors when generating filters for elements without selectors
"Block element" removes overlays while dialog still shows
"Block element" removes overlay instead actual element
Elements loaded from non-HTTP URLs are collapsed
Update adblockplus dependency to 2a362748b050
Update adblockplustests dependency to 98723b040ad2
Update buildtools dependeny to 5dd147a93316

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