Milestone Adblock-Plus-1.13-for-Chrome-Opera

Completed (03/15/2017 11:19:32 AM)


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Long filter texts get cut off in options page
Remove legacy failsafe code form Utils.getString
Support CSS property filters in devtools panel
Adblock Plus for Chrome devtools pane uses wrong colours when the dark theme is enabled
Check shadowRoot doesn't already exist before creating it
Update short description to reflect that Adblock Plus is used on over 100M active devices
Drop dependency on JSHydra
Remove Safari specific code and files from the master branch
Update buildtools dependency
Scripts that supposed to be blocked aren't
Third party filters blocking first party requests
Block element tool highlighting is broken by certain element hiding filters
Update adblockpluscore dependency to revision 69040cb75a3b
*$websocket, should block all WebSocket connections on
Implement request filtering for Adblock Plus devtools panel
onBeforeRequest listener throwing exception for frames without a URL
Incorporate element hiding emulation filters
Add a WebExtensions build configuration to the adblockpluschrome repository
No character set declared for the popup.html page
Replace non-standard CSSStyleSheet.addRule() call by CSSStyleSheet.insertRule()
Use runtime.openOptionsPage when available
Update buildtools dependency to revision 4cea55c4bdc0
"Block element" context menu item fails to open window
Increase minimum Chrome version to 49 from 41
Options page is extremely slow when dealing with large numbers of custom filters
Add relentless notification type
Unable to add custom filter list by using subscription hyperlink
Use modern JavaScript syntax where possible (let, arrow functions, for of)
Punycode module broken when we stopped using JS Hydra
Icon animations do not play properly for newly created tab
WebSocket circumvention based on a 'first-party' script [MixAdvert]
Update adblockplusui dependency
Popup circumvention using malformed data URIs
Regression with CSP based blocking since the switch to frame-src
Exception thrown in popup window
HTMLCollection iterator workaround for old Chrome versions missing from popup window

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