Milestone Adblock-Plus-2.6.12-for-Firefox

Completed (11/24/2015 10:13:04 AM)


Total number of tickets: 10 - closed: 10 - active: 0


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Add $genericblock filter option that can be used to disable all generic request blocking filters for a website
Attempt to perform 2nd search for filter in ABP for Firefox doesn't select the previous one
Rules cannot be edited if "Search for text when I start typing" is enabled
Can't use / (forward slash) when composing filter
Adblock Warning List opt in message should not be triggered by frames (Firefox)
Anti-adblock warning should not show when Adblock Plus is disabled
"Advanced view" button in filter assistant broken in Firefox nightlies
Update buildtools dependency to revision a61155d8764a
Update adblockplusui repository dependency to revision f05c5331d8b9
Set minVersion correctly when exporting $generichide or $genericblock filters

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