Milestone Adblock-Plus-1.8.11-for-Chrome-Opera-Safari

Completed (02/24/2015 03:27:11 PM)


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[Document projects consistently] Add a to the adblockpluschrome repository
"Block element" dialog isn’t completely visible when selecting elements inside small frames
Use Element.getBoundingClientRect to position overlay in "block element" feature
Domain is added even when "Remove selected" is clicked
Replace ABP icon with new one (v.1.1) - for Chrome/Opera/Safari
Mouse events handled by the page interferes with "Block element" functionality
Internationalized domains (IDN) aren't handled correctly
Only first selector in multi-selector hiding rule works in Chrome
Update dependency on adblockplusui in adblockpluschrome and remove unnecessary code
Update public suffixes list in adblockpluschrome to account for the newly available ".uk" domains
"forward" messages cause memory leaks
Get rid of the URI class in favor of URL objects
"Block element" dialog keeps showing when extension is disabled/uninstalled/reloaded
devenv/ directory not ignored when cloning using Git
Safari fails to parse empty URLs
"Block element" behaves unexpected with SVG elements
Overlays are sometimes covered by elements with same z-index
"Block element" doesn't highlight matching elements (in red) sometimes
"Block element" dialog doesn't show if top level frame is a frameset
"Block element" cannot handle <area> elements
"Block element" doesn't block <frame> elements
Update buildtools dependeny to 8f3710a66f0e
Refactor icon animation code
Prerendered tabs aren't handled on Chrome
SecurityError when encountering anonymous frames with third-party content
Whitelisting the current page and reloading it has no effect
Replace __proto__ with Object.create() and Object.getPrototypeOf()
Replace ABP icon with new one (v.1.2) - for Chrome/Opera/Safari
Update buildtools dependeny to ffac8445f588
Update adblockplus dependeny to 110e5dcd0be6
Update adblockplustests dependeny to 939b2e6e883f
Texts are missing in the UI if language code doesn't have a region

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