Milestone Adblock-Plus-1.2-for-Internet-Explorer

Completed (08/13/2014 11:59:04 AM)


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Create installer for Adblock Plus for IE
[ABP IE 1.1 cleanup] Make url a parameter to Updater::Update(), get rid of Updater::SetUrl()
[ABP IE 1.1 cleanup] Remove CPluginSettings::m_subscriptions member
[ABP IE 1.1 cleanup] Parameter type of FilterLoader() function should be LPVOID
[ABP IE 1.1 cleanup] Use better names for local FilterLoader() variables
[ABP IE 1.1 cleanup] Reduce indentation level in CPluginTabBase::InjectABP()
[ABP IE 1.1 cleanup] Replace tabs by spaces in ieFirstRun.js
[ABP IE 1.1 cleanup] Fix the approach used by ieFirstRun.js
[ABP IE 1.1 cleanup] Remove PROC_GET_APP_LOCALE constant
[ABP IE 1.1 cleanup] Use MessageBoxW() explicitly in engine/Main.cpp
[ABP IE 1.1 cleanup] Simplify plugin enabling/disabling
[ABP IE 1.1 cleanup] Fix x64 warnings in ToUtf8String(), ToUtf16String(), GetDllDir(), Communication::Pipe::WriteMessage(): size_t needs to be converted to DWORD explicitly.
[ABP IE 1.1 cleanup] Fix x64 warning in OutputBuffer::WriteString(): size_t needs to be converted to SizeType explicitly.t
[ABP IE 1.1 cleanup] Make sure that it isn't possible to start two update checks in parallel.
[ABP IE 1.1 cleanup] Make sure update requests are using gzip compression
[ABP IE 1.1 cleanup] Check the 4oD player not loading error:
Make the MSI installer shut down IE and the engine
Support acceptable ads in IE
Get rid of ExtractDomain(), let libadblockplus do it
Adblock Plus for IE does not respect $third-party in filters
Some Yahoo pages aren't rendered properly
"Only secure content is displayed" notifications with web pages, whereas without ABP for IE no such notifications.
[ABP for IE] Replace "ChinaList" with "EasyList China"
ABP makes IE hang on Windows 7
aborting non-respondent installation leads to empty user interaction window
Part of content on Yahoo are blocked, when it shouldn't
AdBlock+ browser extension does not work correctly with IE11 EPM.
ABP for IE experimental 1.2 makes IE8 at Win XP hang right after startup
ABP for IE11 cannot be uninstalled via the install file
Seattle Times
ABP for IE 1.2.635 does not work in IE8
Crashes IE on Fodor's
Installer is not able to close the IE and Engine
windows repair installation cannot locate msi installer
ABP blocks video on
Social media buttons on first run page are broken on IE 11
'atlthunk.lib' is not found by linker
Port referrer chain logic from Android
Free ACLs used in security descriptor *after* the use
Use the referrer mapping API from libadblockplus
Create utils project with shared files
Add an Acceptable Ads checkbox to the settings page of ABP IE
ABP for IE - video does not work
Mention acceptable ads on the first run page
Enable Acceptable Ads per default
Properly use polyfills in firstrun and settings pages
Describe how to run ABP for IE
Social sharing buttons do not work
ABP for IE 1.2.667 - IE8, ABP settings broken
Add the Acceptable Ads message translation
Installation aborts when IE is kept opened and is closed by the Installer while installation
Some Acceptable Ads are not showing up
Import strings from ABP for Firefox
Add currentVersion Pref to libadblockplus
Import the "Adblock Plus has been updated" string from the old Chrome translations
ABP 1.2.684, settings broken, IE8
Some Acceptable Ads are not showing up #2
ABP 1.2.690 blocks video thumbnails on youtube

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